2021 Ride Reigate 5 Week Training Plan

2021 Ride Reigate 5 Week Training Plan

You don’t need to be an experienced cyclist to take part in Ride Reigate, but training is important to ensure that you can enjoy the experience and finish the ride comfortably.

Here is Ride Reigate’s 4 step plan to help you be ready for the big day on Sunday 3rd October.

Step 1 – Ensure your bike is in great shape

If you haven’t used your bike for a while, we’d recommend that you get it serviced to make sure everything is working properly ahead of Ride Reigate. Bike shops will do full services normally for around £60+. You may additionally need to buy new parts for the bike such as inner tubes or new tyres.

Now is the perfect time to visit one of our amazing local shop partners – Maison Du Velo, C & N Cycles and Finch cycles who will be able to ensure your bike is race day ready. Not only that, they are all offering 10% off clothing, helmets and shoes to all Ride Reigate riders so pop in now and get fully equipped. Simply show your registration confirmation to redeem this offer.

Step 2 – Schedule in your training

We recommend that you try and train three times a week. With work, family, friends, and other commitments this can seem difficult at first but there are several ways in which you can train for Ride Reigate and still have time for everything else:

  •  Plan your week so that you’ve got your training sessions scheduled in
  • Get up an hour earlier to train or use your lunch breaks at work to get outside
  • If you can cycle to work then do it! If work’s too far away then why not try and cycle to and from the train station each day?
  • Schedule in your longer ride at a weekend
  • Join a gym and get on the exercise bikes there; or better yet, join a spinning class. However, make sure that you don’t just use the gym for your training sessions as cycling in true outdoor conditions will benefit you when it comes to cycling Ride Reigate on the day
  • Try different types of exercises as well as cycling such as cross trainer, swimming, walking, running, yoga, pilates or team sports.
  •  If you are cycling with friends, train together! If not, try to find a training partner – friend, family or colleague… this will help motivate you.
  • Remember listen to your body! If you are finding the sessions tough, then take an extra rest day.

Step 3 – The Plan

Step 4 – Ride Reigate top training tips

  • Make sure you thoroughly warm up and warm down. The three golden rules for this are:- Warm up: your body needs to be prepared for any physical activity you undertake. It’s important to gradually warm up with activity that heats your body, makes your muscles more pliable and will mean you’re less prone to injury during training. It also means that your heart rate will increase and so a good supply of oxygen will be pumped to your muscles to meet the increased demand in activity- Warm down: warming down will aid your recovery after exercise – lowering your heart rate back to resting levels and flushing toxins out of your system by pushing fresh blood throughout the body. This aids the repair process almost immediately and will help to stop you feeling sore and stiff over the days following training- Stretch! This is vital to stop you getting injured. Only stretch when your body is warmed up and your muscles are flexible – the best time to stretch is during your warm down routine. Stretching should be slow and controlled and you should aim to hold a stretch for 20-30 seconds. The stretch should be neither too easy, where you don’t feel the benefit, or too painful. If you do each stretch twice, push slightly further the second time
  • If you feel serious pain at any point during training, stop immediately and consult your GP
  • Do not go over the top with training – make sure you plan in some rest / recovery days in between your three sessions a week
  • Keep hydrated – drink water / sports drinks during and after your workout
  • Be safe!
  • Stamina – it will be important for you to build stamina during your training sessions. Training your heart and lungs will make you fitter and so you can process food and drink more efficiently – effectively keeping you going for longer. Crucial to training for an event like this is not speed but endurance. The minimum for an endurance session is 20 minutes; if you’re not able to last this long then you should consider slowing down and building up from there.
  • Equipment – Your training sessions are also the time to test out your kit whether that be your clothing or food. Find out what foods work best for you on your long sessions and make sure that on the event you don’t have any surprises
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Coronavirus Notice

As you would expect, we are actively and continuously monitoring coronavirus developments. Our current position is that the event will go ahead as planned on the 11th July, however as always, our main priority is the health and safety of everyone involved in our event.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates and take action if required in line with advice given by the UK Government.

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